Shanghai Expo 2010

"Blue Skies at Shanghai Expo 2010 and Beyond"
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Shanghai is the host of the World Expo 2010, a well-anticipated mega-event where participating countries and organizations showcase developments in several aspects of society including art and design, education, international trade and relations, tourism.

The World Expo has brought about infrastructure icons in the world such as the Eiffel Tower in France, Paris (Expo in 1889) and the Space Needle in Seattle, USA (Expo in 1962).

Shanghai Expo 2010, which runs from from 1 May to 31 October 2010, expects to attract 70 million visitors worldwide, the largest in Expo history.

The theme of Shanghai Expo 2010 will be "Better City, Better Life", a very timely theme as over half of the world now lives in urban areas. This year’s World Expo is also the first time that the focus will be on cities.

For more information on the Expo: visit the
official Shanghai Expo 2010 website

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