Welcome to the Clean Air at Mega-Events Website

This website contains relevant information of past, present and future mega-events to guide future host cities on measures and strategies to improve clean air management in their cities. This website is prepared through The Blue Skies at Shanghai Expo 2010 and Beyond project sponsored by Fu Tak Iam Foundation Limited .

Clean Air Management at Mega-Events

Mega-events are major events that draw both local and international crowd, often in millions, into a host city providing an avenue for the host city to showcase its culture, people, products and service. As such, mega-events also provide a unique opportunity to advocate policies that improve air quality during and after the duration of the mega-event.

CAI-Asia Center conducted a survey of environmental / air quality plans of cities with past or future “mega-events” to understand the emissions reduction measures taken by host cities to ensure clean air during the mega-event. The results of the survey are summarized in the report “Analysis of Air Quality Management in Cities with Past and Planned Mega-Events: A Survey Report” (Air Quality Management in Mega-Events Survey Report)

Communicating Clean Air during Mega-events

One of the main challenges of authorities or government agencies mandated for air quality management is effectively communicating to public and policy-makers both actual air quality levels as well as measures that are being undertaken to improve air quality.

In 2008, CAI-Asia assisted in communicating air quality in relation to the Beijing Olympics 2008, by preparing dedicated webpages on its website. It was a one-stop site where both local and international stakeholders, can understand air quality levels in Beijing and the other Olympic cities, informed about different air quality measures undertaken by Beijing as well as some tools to convert China API values to actual air quality concentrations.

This website also hopes to guide future host cities of mega-events on how they can effectively communicate air quality issues to interested stakeholders.

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